The Worship Drummer Podcast - Putting The #HeartBeforeBeat

Episode 024 - Jonathan Camey: Tragedy to Triumph and Drumming at Lakewood Church

January 3, 2019

In Episode 024 we chat with Jonathan Camey, who currently is on staff at Lakewood Church as their main drummer. He's also got a twin brother in the band, Joel, and things get serious in this episode as we explore themes of tragedy and triumph. It's a good one, so grab a cup of coffee or put on your seatbelt (if you're commuting) and get ready for a good one!

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Time Stamps

2:45 — Home Life and Upbringing

8:00 — A Prophetic Word

10:45 — Playing at Lakewood

12:05 — Dealing with Unexpected Tragedy

14:50 — How things work at Lakewood and the challenge of having an arena as a church venue.

18:46 — Maintaining Optimal Health

23:20 — The Pressure of playing at Lakewood

25:05 — Ableton and Editing Stems

28:06 — How To Approach Playing with a Percussionist (Jav j

30:41 — Simplest way to eliminate mic bleed around your kit and other tips for the studio

35:48 — One thing Jon is working through at the moment

40:18 — How do you stay fresh spiritually?


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