The Worship Drummer Podcast - Putting The #HeartBeforeBeat

Episode 020 - Paul Whittinghill on Storytelling and Leading from the Kit (Passion)

April 6, 2018

After having a few drummer friends insist that I connect with him, I finally did it. In episode 20 I chat with Paul Whittinghill (Passion) and we get into some topics that he is very passionate about.

There are some definite gold-nuggets for you to grab onto and I hope that you are encouraged and inspired by our conversation.

"I’m 21, I have no cred. I was like a name on a page, and they asked me to play. It’s the faithfulness of God, it cannot be denied" - Paul Whittinghill.


In this Episode

  • The early years and first drum kit

  • 6-piece suit band / Christy Nockels / Brett Younker

  • Serving on The Worship Team Passion City Church

  • New Wave of Passion Starts (2013)

  • Biggest mistake(s) you’ve ever made 

  • Innovative ideas vs setting trends

  • Passion Conference Gear Rundown (see below)

  • Preparing for Passion Conference AND live recording

  • Favourite songs from new album, Whole Heart

  • Becoming a “song” drummer

  • Storytelling from the kit and  finding your voice around the kit

  • Leading from the drum kit - having a humble confidence

  • Main drumming influences

  • how do you keep the heart before beat on the daily?


Mentioned in this Episode

  • SOAP Groups (Bible Reading Plan):


    O- observation
    A- application
    P- prayer

  • Start a text thread with 4 friends or so

  • decide on a book of the Bible to go through

  • read one chapter a day

  • find one verse that stuck out to you, write a brief observation, how does it apply to your life?, possibly a short prayer

  • weekdays only




Paul on Instagram // Twitter // Facebook


Gear Run Down (click here to see pics)


  • C&C Kit with Ebony Oyster wrap
  • 22x14 13x9 16x16
  • Snare: Black beauty 6.5x14

Heartbeat Cymbals

  • 24” Epic RIde
  • 20” Custom Crash
  • 22” custom crash
  • Hats: 17” Light crash // raw hat


  • Ableton 
  • looptimus (midi controller)


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