The Worship Drummer Podcast - Putting The #HeartBeforeBeat

Episode 002 [Anniversary Edition] - Worship Drummer Turns 5. An Interview with Founder Jon Manna.

March 9, 2016

We are so stoked to release this Anniversary Edition episode as we celebrate full-on with you, our worship drummer family! For this episode we wanted to switch things up a bit and so we turned the tables around so that we all finally get to hear from our very own, Jon Manna.

For this, we arranged for the awesome and gifted Rebecca Laramée, founder of Cotton Words (non-profit org), to sit with Jon over a coffee and let her take the conversation wherever she wanted.

What ensued was an interesting conversation that takes us back to some of Worship Drummer's earliest days, touching on different aspects from the last 5 years, and looking forward to what the future can look like.

Also, be sure to listen through the whole episode to hear the incredible giveaway announcement!

Thanks for celebrating with us! We love you!